The Two Week Wait (that isn’t going to last two weeks)

So, when we did the transfer last Wednesday, the IVF Nurse Coordinator said, and I quote, “you are forbidden to buy a home pregnancy test (HPT) before the 24th”. See, they want us to wait, in case we got a false positive or (a false negative) mainly due to the hCG lingering from the trigger shot  So, after surviving (barely) the last 6 days, I went on my usual binge searching on Google to find out:

Do I absolutely HAVE to wait the whole two weeks?

Well, come to find out, and this comes from several IVF websites (not Wikipedia, I promise!), there is actually a threshold day in which we can cheat and do a HPT.  And that threshold is tomorrow, folks!  So, what did this strong women with tons of resolve do tonight?  That’s right, I went to Walgreen’s and bought two 3 packs of pee sticks.  And, of course, I couldn’t wait until tomorrow morning.  So, to reward me for my tenacity, the first test I did tonight was a dud.  No, really, not even the “control” line that always shows up showed up.  So, I’m forced to wait until the morning.

For the rest of you fellow Dreamers, you’ll have to wait until we get the confirmation from the blood test.  I know, I’m evil.  But, I don’t want you all to get excited, just to be let down when the blood test proves the HPTs wrong.  On the other hand, I don’t want to announce negatives, when, on Monday, we get a positive.  So, no news on the cheating I’m doing at home until after Monday, okay?  No hard feelings.  I’m hoping that we will have plenty of time to all be super excited soon enough.


❤ Heather

For those that want to know, after the 10th day after trigger shot, any hCG that is present in your body should not be from the trigger shot.  Here’s a chart I found on one of the IVF sites:

A Day-by-Day Look at an IVF Two Week Wait


Cycle Day Event Additional Information
12 hCG trigger injection for ovulation induction  
13 (waiting) the time between trigger and retrieval is approximately 36 hours
14 Retrieval Ovulation;
start of luteal phase
15 24-hour fertilization report  
16 (waiting)  
17 3-day transfer  
18 (waiting) 1dp3dt
19 5-day transfer 2dp3dt
20 (waiting) 3dp3dt;
Normal human embryos hatch and implant 5 – 7 days after fertilization.
21 (waiting) 4dp3dt;
22 10 days past trigger (the last day any hCG from the trigger shotshould be in your system). 5dp3dt;
23 Start HPTs today, using your first morning pee (hCG is present in urine in the highest concentration first thing in the morning). 6dp3dt;
24 POAS (pee on a stick!) 7dp3dt;
25 POAS 8dp3dt;
26 POAS 9dp3dt;
27 POAS 10dp3dt;
28 Official Quantitative hCG Blood Test
(This is done at your doctor’s office or a lab.)
Missed period (+) or beginning of period (-).

Disclaimer: Though I am a Google nerd, this does not, in any way, make me an expert.  If you follow the above tip and get a false positive, my heart truly breaks for you, but I am not responsible for it.  However, if you get a true positive…I am totally responsible, and I demand that, in return, you use at least one letter of my name in your baby’s name.  I have 12 different ones from which to choose, so the odds are, you were going to use one of them anyway.  Here are the letters, in no particular order: iclvhtrmaegu.  🙂


2 thoughts on “The Two Week Wait (that isn’t going to last two weeks)

  1. Uh, no ma’am. No cheating! Put those things away and obey the rules. (Coming from a woman who tested negative twice while pregnant wit TWINS.)
    But since I know youre gonna do it anyway, you won’t be able to keep it a secret. You’ll blab! I know you will. At least tell me…


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