My Upcoming Monday of Torture

So, I called the clinic last week to find out if they were going to give us the results of tomorrow’s pregnancy test shortly after they take my blood. My appointment is first thing in the morning, and I wanted to know if Noah had to be there.

You would think they would do couples a courtesy and give them the results right then.  But, you and I would both be wrong. They are actually going to call me with the results….late tomorrow afternoon.

Now, I’ve seen plenty of television shows where the lady is still in the exam gown when the doctor gives her the results.  I know from previous experience that it only takes about twenty minutes to run the blood test.  So, why, of all tests, are they going to expect me to be able to get my blood drawn, head into work, and be expected to concentrate on anything but the expected phone call?

And let’s talk about the fact that they are basically forcing Noah into being the second one to know, rather than being there with me when I get the call.  So, either way the test results go, I’ll have to be the one to deliver the news.  Of course, if it’s good news, I won’t mind the walk down to his office. But, if it’s not good news, that walk will be hell like no other hell I’ve ever had to endure.


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