Fate or Destiny…Can It Be Controlled?

Today’s Daily Blog Prompt asks: Do you believe in fate or do you believe you can control your own destiny?

Funny you should ask that, Daily Post.  My husband and I have been asking ourseves that for the last couple of days.  The hubster, who doesn’t post about his feelings about anything, ever (why should he, I post enough for both of us!), posted this on Monday on Facebook:

So. As most of you know… news came back today. It wasn’t good news. It was a hard day today. I don’t understand. We try to be good people. We try to do good things. We try to believe in the power of good thoughts and prayers. But… I have to wonder. Why is this so difficult for us? If its karma, what did I/we do? What lesson are we supposed to learn from this?

When we let fate take over in 2010, we stopped seeing the fertility experts and said, if it happens, it’s meant to be.  And it did happen, in 2012, though not quite the way it was supposed to, and we were devastated.  So we said, fine, we’ll control the situation, and pay lots of money to force our destiny.  And we did everything we were told to do.  We did nothing we were told not to do.  Yet we still weren’t able to see the outcome we so desperately wanted (needed), and we are still devastated.

So, I have to say, at this moment, it doesn’t matter which way you believe, because there is no control.  There is only, do the best you can to achieve your goals, and do what needs to be done.  If it doesn’t work out the way you willed it to, then maybe the next time will.


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