Daily Post, Are You Spying on Me?

Once again, the Daily Prompt hits home. 

How do I combat the Blues?  I think the question I should be answering is, how do I keep the Blues at bay.

My Blues are always here.  I wave at them, acknowledge their existence, and then do my best to not let them trip me during my journey.

My Blues are annoying little things.  They want attention.  They disrupt me when I’m trying to live life.

I know something is wrong when my Blues have been a little too quiet.  I get worried they’re going to jump out at me and knock me off the foundation I rebuilt while they were off doing whatever they do when they make me think I’m finally getting rid of them.

My Blues are also patient.  I can go days, weeks even without seeing them.  Then, a memory, or an image, or even a simple word will bring them screaming and twirling around me.

Sometimes, though, my Blues are considerate.  They stand just off to the side, allowing me to go through my day with a smile on my face.  They let me see the beauty in a single flower that is growing out of a sidewalk crack.  They let me think it’s okay to be happy.

And sometimes, when they are being nice, my Blues let me wait until I’m alone before they climb into my lap and snuggle with me, reminding me that, even though they make me sad, my Blues are the product of something I hoped for, longed for, wished for, and prayed for. 

They remind me that, at one time, my Blues weren’t Blues at all.  Rather, they were known better as Ambition, Motivation, Happiness, Confidence.  And then I remember that, even though they have different names now (Despair, Heartbreak, Worthlessness, Fear), they will quickly change back as soon as I say the word.  I just have to say the word.


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