WANTED: A Few Good Eggs

So, I talked to the person at the clinic who is now, in my mind, being referred to as the “Egg Handler”.  It’s amazing how different people are in the different areas of the clinic.  Anyway, the Egg Handler, EH for short, was awesome.  We had a long conversation about the topic of eggs, embryos, and options.  Pretty fitting, considering Easter is right around the corner.

It’s super expensive to use someone else’s eggs.  It’s going to cost $25-27K total.  That’s more than $10K over what we paid to use our own.  I’m guessing that covers the reimbursement to the donor, which can range from $5K to $10K.

So, we have about 15 to choose from, if we want to go the anonymous route.  I wonder if we can go national…

We also have the option of using eggs from someone we know.  Wow.  Someone we know.  Now that’s something to ponder.

I could understand if I had a younger sister.  But how would I feel about using eggs from a friend?  That’s a huge comittment.  Much more so than, say, borrowing your best friend’s shoes.  Granted, my closest girl friends have the CUTEST and SMARTEST on the planet.  But, I can just imagine the stipulations those same friends would have (and yes, we have already had this conversation, so it’s nothing new to them).  I can’t promise to live within a few minutes or only a couple of hours from each other for the rest of our lives (My hubster and I are nicknamed “Nomads” for a reason.  Though I truly believe that I will remain, until our dying days, besties with the two or three I would even consider asking, life happens.  And, I love all of you that are on this list, but, what if you don’t like the way I’m raising my/our child?

Thankfully, my three besties are too old to even be considered.  So then, the question is, just what are we looking for in a donor?  It’s kind of like ordering an American Girl Doll.  Of course, like any girl that’s getting her dream, I have obsessed about this.  Sure, I tell everyone the only criteria is that the donor has blue eyes, but that’s not entirely true.  If being super specific did not lessen our chances of finding a match, here is what I want my donor to be:

  • Blue eyed
  • Dark brown or red hair
  • Normal sized (not too fat, not too skinny)
  • Average height
  • College educated (in a degree other than basketweaving)
  • A lover of books
  • An open minded soul
  • A grateful person
  • A respectful person
  • Scottish/German/British/French descent

So yeah, a carbon copy of me, minus the extra pounds gifted to my by PCOS (which is another requirement, no family history of PCOS.  Though, if they were a good donor, they wouldn’t have that). 

Of course, I want to keep my options open.  So, at lunch today, Hubster and I went over the option (order?) form and discussed what we wanted.  We agreed on the provided options (I’m still sticking to my no brown eyes criteria.  Not that I hate brown eyes.  But how do you explain two blue eyed parents with a brown eyed baby?  I just don’t want the judgement from the other soccer moms).  When we got down to the “Other Requirements” box, Noah had a couple of extra things to add.  Now that I think about it, they may not have been extra.  Rather, he showed that it doesn’t matter what the donor looks like or how tall she is, or how educated she is.  Because, when it all comes down to it, the only requirement is that we have a baby.  Because, even if that baby comes out with one blue eye and one brown eye, grows to be 8 feet tall, and has no musical ability, we will love that multi hued giant with all of our hearts and souls.  And we will sign him or her up for every basketball league and camp we can find.




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