The Higher Power Is a Crafty One

No matter what you may call your higher power (God, Destiny, Fate, Kharma…), let me tell you what He/She/They/It did for me today.

On our way home just now from the Big Brew Day (have I told you all we are homebrewers?), we saw a large group of pop up tents where the Farmer’s Market sets up every Saturday morning. Knowing the market shuts down at noon, we were super curious (what? Us curious? Nah…). Anyway, we decided to pull into the parking lot to see what we were missing.

We pulled up to a lone tent that was set up away from the others and asked the people there what was going on. Come to find out, it was a bake sale being held by a statewide women’s bloggers group to raise money for our local no child hungry program.  We only had a couple of dollars with us , and no checkbook. So, after dropping Noah and our newest batch of beer (Honey Jalepeno Lager, if you’re curious) at the house, I grabbed the checkbook and headed back over to the tent.

Oh, I need to back up a bit. On the way home, I registered this blog with the group.

Okay, back on track. So, I started talking to one of the ladies there, and I was telling her about this here blog.

I had no idea I would find a fellow traveler. After just a few minutes, maybe less than a minute, I, being my usual emotional self when it comes to this topic, was standing in a parking lot, tears threatening to spill down, because, once again, I was reminded that we are not alone.

If you are on this journey, filled with obstacles and heartache and hope and loneliness, do not think you are alone. We are out there, on our own roller coaster, right next to you.

And when our paths cross, it is like finding a long lost friend in a sea of stranger’s faces. A face you have never seen before becomes a face that makes you feel as if you can take those next steps on your path.

Today, I am hoping that a little group of cells is “anchoring” in a little nest of its own. Not my nest, but that of a woman who I hugged at least three times in the first five minutes of us finding each other.


4 thoughts on “The Higher Power Is a Crafty One

  1. I peeked over as this interaction went from random hello to hugging to new special friends! What a neat way to end our day! Thanks so much for coming by. And we’ll take care of you at AWB! Much love!

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