And, We Have a Winner!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day!  The Hubster and I were able to spend some quality time with his Mom and Step-Grandma on their special day.  Mom made a delicious meal of pot roast, fordhook beans, and roasted potatoes.  Afterwards, we enjoyed a Cheerwine Cherry cobbler that involved pitting fresh cherries.  I’m still scrubbing cherry juice stains off my fingers!

That evening, once we were all settled in and our bellies were full, Mom, Stepdad, Hubster, me and the dogs sat down to review donor profiles.  It was so much fun checking out all of the prospectives!  We narrowed it down to two, and, on Tuesday, after a VERY long drive back home (complete with a blown tire and a friendly visit with a policeman concerning a burnt out headlight), I faxed over the documents requesting our first pick.

This morning, we received the email that we were approved for the donor we wanted!!!!  The donor is healthy, has a couple of healthy kids of her own, and was the closest (in my opinion) in looks to me.  I have included the pictures she provided of her as a child. 

So now, we just have to wait until the clinic is ready for us.  We go for our first appointment on June 9th, so, the magic will happen sometime after that.



2 thoughts on “And, We Have a Winner!!!

  1. Congrats on finding a donor! I know this must be so exciting for you. I am just starting the process of being an egg donor for a very close friend of mine who has been struggling with infertility. If all goes as planned, I begin my injections in 5 weeks and the egg retrieval 2 weeks after that. I’m a little nervous about the procedure but I know I def want to do it. I’ll send good vibes your way so that your donor egg attempt is successful 🙂 good luck!!

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