Deep in the Heart of Texas

Last weekend, Hubster and I took a trip down to Ft. Worth, TX to go see a man about a horse. Actually, it was to see a doctor about a baby, but, hey, we were in Texas, so it sounded good.

Anyway, we got to the Fort Worth Fertility Clinic early Monday morning during a torrential rain storm. Leave it to us to bring the rain. We were quickly taken to a consultation room where soon after, we were greeted by Dr. Kaufmann. His bedside, er, tableside, manner was so comforting! He had already read our file, realized we were Veterans in the IVF world, and sat back to discuss our next steps. He got to know us a bit better, and we found out he trained under the Dr. Jones’ of Jones Institute, as well as worked with a couple of other doctors we have met along the way. It was nice to know that he knew all of the past players in our game of “Make a Baby”. He talked to us about percentages, and how the process worked when freezing was involved, and then told me to get ready for an exam. The exam, which consisted of a hydrosalpingogram (I now have an idea of what it feels like when your water breaks) and a hysteroscopy (technicolor!). Total time? About 10 minutes, tops. I got to see all of it, because the clinic is advanced enough to actually have a monitor on the wall facing the bed. Everything looked great. In fact, for the second time on this journey, we were informed I have a beautiful uterus (Dr. Ohninger at Jones was the first. Probably where he gets it from).

After that, we were taken back into the consultation room (well, Hubster came in a little later after he did his, ahem, contribution. Very shortly after that, we met with Leesa, who went over the financial part of it (all told, about $18K. $10K for the eggs, and $8K for the procedure). When we were done with Leesa, we met Michelle, who talked to us about the timeframe. Both Leesa and Michelle have been communicating with me for the last month through phone and email, so it was wonderful to put faces to the names!

Then, we went home. There was nothing for us to do last week, because we were waiting on Aunt Flow to show, which she did right on time Saturday afternoon. I emailed Michelle and Leesa, who both emailed me within an hour to let me know there was nothing to do until today.

This morning, I got an email from Michelle confirming that we still wanted to do a July transfer, and after I confirmed, she called me, to let me know she was going to create a calendar and put the prescriptions in.

So, needless to say, This Texas girl is proud of her state. If you can make the trip, check out Fort Worth Fertility ( The clinic is amazing, the people are amazing, and, I honestly think they are the ones that will make our dream come true.

Loves and Hugs,


9 thoughts on “Deep in the Heart of Texas

      • Yes, please! And Stefanie, I just caught up with your blog. If I could hug you, I would right now. Because I hate the advice of, “It will happen, just be patient”, here’s what I’ll say: Don’t you dare give up. Don’t you dare be patient. Fight! Keep going! This is only a stop on your journey. We didn’t give up, and we found a different clinic and went with donor eggs who gave us better odds. This journey is a fight to the end. I’ll be on this journey with you, and sending you hugs along the way.

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      • Thank you so much. Just so frustrated right now, I hate waiting, I hate not knowing when we can even start the next IVF cycle. Thank you so much for your kind words though 🙂


      • From the end of March until now, my roller coaster of emotions seemed to be stuck on frustration. Use that frustration to fuel your fight. Research, expand your network, etc. At first, we only wanted to use our own eggs and sperm to create our dream. When the doctor told us that we would most likely have the same outcome (only one embryo), we had to make a choice: try again with our own, or explore other options. We looked at fresh egg donation, but we didn’t feel like any of the candidates were a true fit. So, we looked at frozen eggs. Even then, when we looked at the list using our first set of criteria (caucasian, blue eyes), we didn’t quite like our choices. So, on a whim, I clicked on multi-ethnic, and our perfect donor appeared on the screen. I truly believe a higher power had guided us in this direction. It’s not how we planned any of this, almost 12 years ago, when we were starting our family making journey, and there were plenty of times when we could have thrown in the towel (and thought about it). But, I know the Hubster was given to me in order to be the perfect father to my child(ren), and so we push on. Granted, this is our absolute last chance (financially) to bear a child of our own. So, it has to work. This has to the be the top of the mountain we’re destined to climb.


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