My Bucket List


I saw this image today while cruising through Pintrest (yes, that is one of my guilty pleasures).  Since I already landed the man of my dreams, this is directed towards the baby that will hopefully be created tomorrow.
Sometimes I feel like my entire life has been put on hold until after we have a baby. Other times, I feel like we’re living our life backwards. We’re blessed to have been able to spend the last 13+ years traveling, chasing dreams, and just basically enjoying life in general. Our Mommy and Daddy friends remind us of how difficult (impossible?) it is to just throw a dart at a map and start driving for a day trip. Or how amazing it feels to have a night of uninterrupted peace and quiet.
Since graduating high school, I have travelled halfway around the world, courtesy of the US Navy, been to a week’s worth of Mardi Gras parades, earned my fair share of beads on Bourbon Street, sang on a stage in Nashville, seen numerous concerts, eaten at some of the finest restaurants, given my heart to four fur babies, loved unconditionally, upgraded from garage sale finds to brand new furniture, seen the Georgia Bulldogs give it their best, watched my friends grow into extraordinary parents, and shared almost all of these memories with the most patient, kind, loving man ever put on this earth. So, what’s left?
You, little soul. You, who, right now, is preparing for your journey into becoming our child. We have so many memories to share with you, bedtime stories will be amazing. You, precious little soul, who might just bring a companion with you and bless us with two of you. You are my bucket list.

❤ Heather


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