Keeping My Fingers (and My Legs) Crossed!

And the wait begins.

On Sunday, we had our transfer. we were able to transfer two blastocysts that were described by the doctor (and embryologist) as beautiful. Here’s the first baby pic:

Pic of 5 day blastocysts

Pic of 5 day blastocysts

Everyone knows I love this clinic and all of the people we have had the blessing to help us on this part of our journey, but can a girl get an actual rating of her embryos other than “Beautiful”? I’m a numbers girl, and I need to know just how beautiful they are. Anyway, that being the ONLY rant I have for the Fort Worth Fertility Clinic, I’ll continue with Sunday’s activities.

After we got to see our beautiful embryos, it was time to suit up. The Hubster, being his normal self, had a fun time with his getup:

Noah being silly

We even suited up Magic, our little good luck charm that a dear friend from work gave us:
Magic Suited up

He got to sit in the room, but couldn’t come to the actual place where the magic happened.

We were finally all in our gear:

Suited Up for Round 2Noah and his BioSuit

The procedure really only takes about 10 minutes (which, when you think about, is on par with natural conception, right?). Then, I had to lay very still for about 30 minutes before we could get up and go. Oh, I failed to mention I did all this with a VERY full bladder. I was SO happy to be allowed to go to the bathroom!

Then, we went to the Fort Worth Stockyards, and we got there just in time to watch the cattle drive! It was pretty neat, since I love longhorns (the animal, not the college team!). Then, we went to lunch at Rosa’s Cafe (if any of you haven’t had Rosa’s, find the nearest one and go!).

After lunch, we drove home. Yesterday, I took it easy at the house. Today, I’m back at work. Already, these questions have been asked:

“So, do you feel any different?”
– Nope. I feel exactly the same way I did before. No cramps, no fairytale feeling of being pregnant.
“Did they put all six in there?”
– No. They only put the two in there. The other four were not strong enough to freeze.
“Are you pregnant yet?”
– Technically, I’m 3 weeks pregnant today.
“So, when do you find out?”
– A week from today, I’ll go in for my Beta test. It’s the first of a couple of blood tests that will determine if I’m pregnant (first test) and if it’s a true pregnancy vs. a chemical one (second and maybe third tests). What they’ll be looking for is an Hcg level that will tell them that, yes I’m pregnant. Then, if everything is going right, that number should double over the next few days.
“Yay! Twins!”
– Though not technically a question, this is the general consensus of everyone who is following our journey. Actually, some have replaced the “Yay” with, “Oh, wow”. Yes, twins will be difficult. Hubster and I are as prepared as we can be if we are blessed with twins. If we only have one, then great. If we have two, then just as great, though we will definitely be rethinking the job situation at that point!

So, there you have it folks…the next week will be filled with worry and anticipation. Every little bump and cramp and bubble of indigestion will be analyzed. Every weird dream (yep, been having those every night now) will be thought as a premonition of things to come. Even the songs Hubster uses as his alarms on his cell phone have been banned (“No!” by They Might Be Giants and “The Funeral” by Band of Horses) because they are negative songs and they are not good things to hear upon waking from weird dreams. Caffeine has been limited to one cup of joe a day. Fruit juices have been heavily incorporated, as has more water, and the nightly progesterone injections continue on.

Until next time,

❤ Heather


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