Just How Much Does It Take?


24 Birthday Wishes (12 each)

10 Shooting Stars

4500 Daily Prayers and Talks with the Moon

576 Crossed Fingers (2 fingers each, every month, that it would finally happen)

That’s just an estimate of some of the things we did, hoping we would be heard.  Well, today, we were informed, by blood test that we are officially PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!

My Beta Count was 157.17, which, according to Michelle, the nurse, is a GREAT number.  I’ll go again on Thursday to have it checked again.  If it’s at least double, then we’re good.  We’ll have one more test a week after that.  If it’s a lot higher, then we have crossed a major milestone, the next being the ultrasound to catch the heartbeat.

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s been worth the ride!!  Now, this little baby (or babies) needs to stay put for the next 8-9 months!  No trying to run away before you’re ready!!!!



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