The Numbers Are In!

So, I have already experienced the feeling of cheering my child on during a competition.  Over the last week and a half, our little peppercorn(s) have been tested on their ability to produce the pregnancy hormone, hCG.

Last Tuesday was the first test.  That one was easy, since I cheated and took a home test.  The result, as I’ve mentioned before, was 157.17 mIU/ml.  Not bad, seeing as pregnant is anything above 5 mIU/ml.  Then, last Thursday, we had the second test, which resulted in 333.53 mIU/ml.  Again, pretty awesome, since all the numbers had to do was double.  That also gave me the doubling rate, which was 1.8 days or 44.2 hours.  In other, less technical terms, the hormone level doubles a little less than every two days.

Today was the final test.  The number just had to be high enough to indicate a doubling rate of between 2-4 days.  The result: 6229 mIU/ml!!!!!  That means that my doubling rate went to 1.7 days or 39.78 hours!

Needless to say, our offspring is/are already showing the signs of overachievement.

There is still no clear indication of whether or not both little embryos are growing.

Next Friday, we are scheduled for our second set of baby pictures, aka, the ULTRASOUND!!!!

Until then,



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