Gettin’ Jiggy With It!

Yesterday, we had our 13 week check up with the doctor.  I asked if we could please, PLEASE try to hear the heartbeats.  So, the Doc pulled out the Doppler, and did his best.  It was a phenomenal experience when we finally got hear the “galloping horses”!!!  He was only able to get one of them to show off their heart, but it was enough to finally make this pregnancy seem a little more real!

Next, he wanted to take just a quick look to make sure both of them were still doing good.  This was the first scan where they actually looked like little humans!  It’s still too soon to see what gender they are, but it was nice to know that they are at least human-esque.

The first little one was dancing around like crazy, with its little hands up in the air like it just didn’t care!  The other critter looked like we were disturbing their afternoon nap, but it did give us the courtesy of a roll-over.

Both looked great, and perfect, and beautiful!  Their little hearts were beating like little flickering strobe lights, and it was a beautiful moment.



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