Two Hearts Beating Wildly

I have never been more in love with a set of blurry images as I am right now.  On Wednesday, we had our 17 week checkup.  Even more exciting than that?  We got to have another ultrasound, which meant getting to see more than just little peanuts dancing around in my belly.

We saw their hearts beating side by side.

We saw their ribs.

And they were nice enough to moon the camera!  Both of them!

Again, Baby A was much more active than Baby B, but B finally got moving around enough.

Even more awesome? They gave us a DVD!  And, they split the “reveal” separate from the second half of the scan, which means I get to share the awesomeness with all of you, without spilling the beans on the gender(s) (that comes next week)!!

Here’s the link to the video.  Sorry, I couldn’t upload from the DVD because of the file type, so I recorded the recording:

Ultrasound @ 17 weeks:




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