Since the day we met, Noah and I knew we wanted to be parents. Eleven years of fertility problems later, and we are now faced with only one biological option: IVF.

So, we had to make a choice. Only 15 states have mandates for IVF coverage, and Virginia, where we lived 7 of the 11 years of our marriage, is not one of them. Because of that, even though it meant leaving our home and friends who we consider our family, we made the decision to leave Virginia and moved to Arkansas in 2012, thinking we would be able to find state mandated insurance coverage for IVF. Unfortunately, right before we moved, an ectopic pregnancy resulted in the removal of both of my fallopian tubes. This not only killed our hopes of natural conception, but it also created a pre-existing condition, so private insurance was out of the question.

Now, with the Healthcare Marketplace, no private plans offer coverage for IVF anymore. For some reason, the health insurance offered to us through the Federal Government (we are both Federal Employees) is exempt from honoring state mandates. So, that meant we were going to have to pay the full cost of IVF.

One cycle of IVF costs an average of $20,000. The national success rate is around 30-60%, depending on which source is cited. We were hoping for the best, but, we were also realistic and knew there was a big chance that we would need more than one cycle.

We would not have been able to even start this journey if it weren’t for the amazing people we have known along the way. They have invested in our dream by way of words of encouragement, comfort when the way looked bleak, and from several, financial support. These souls will forever be in our hearts and prayers, as we are thankful each and every day for this chance at parenthood.

We took the giant step in December 2013 and started our IVF treatment.  Our first cycle, with a transfer in March 2014, resulted in nothing.  Not even a positive pregnancy test.  Since it didn’t work using Heather’s eggs, we decided to look at other options.

What we finally were led to do was use frozen eggs from a donor.  Our second IVF cycle, using those eggs, resulted in a transfer in July 2014 of two great looking embryos.  A week later, we were blessed with a positive pregnancy test.  Now, we are in the first trimester scary time, where anything can go wrong, no matter how a girl gets pregnant.

Noah and I thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for reading our story. Please, feel free to share with anyone and everyone. Maybe, by sharing, others who are going through this will know that they are not alone.

If you’ve made it this far down, then perhaps you want to also follow along on the companion Facebook Page, which started out as a fundraiser hub, but has morphed into a group of daily cheerleaders and well wishers.  Go ahead and check it out:  www.facebook.com/vaughtsbabypage

Noah and Heather


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Midway through chasing my crazy kids around the house ex-haust-ed today, I snuck off, found you on the WordPress Challenge and read. Thank you for reminding me of the tumultuous days of hoping, trying, wanting, not knowing. You are not alone. It’s amazing how many people have found their own path to this destination. Good luck and thanks for reminding me that this annoying chaos is something we worked long and hard for.


  2. What an inspiring and courageous story. I greatly admire you and your husband’s dedication to following your calling and not backing down to the unfortunate barriers you’ve been faced with. I look forward to following your journey and send my most sincere wishes of your good fortune!


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