Week 1 of Existence

Our Little Ball of Bubbles,

You can thank your Great Aunt Carole for that temporary nickname, though your cousins Stephanie and Lorrie have already said they are going to call you that forever. 

Right now, you have been in existence for exactly one week.  In this week, you went from being two separate cells (one from me and one from Daddy), into a group of cells that are about to settle into what will be your home for the next 9 months.  In one more week, we’ll be able to find out if you latched on.

We had to complete a few extra steps to get you even to this stage, so you are already extra special.

See, Daddy and I couldn’t create you by ourselves, so we put our trust in a group of doctors, nurses, and embryologists whose job it is to make dreams come true.  Daddy and I prayed and prayed that they would do what they do best and make us a miracle.  You were the only embryo to survive, but you sure are a trooper, even from the beginning.  The embryologist graded you “Good Excellent”, which is almost perfect.  You made it through the two nights you spent in the lab, dividing exactly as you were supposed to.

On the morning of the transfer, they gave us a picture of you.  You were only 9 cells at the time, but Daddy and I loved every single cell so much!  We also got to take home the little dish that was your home for three days.  It’s so tiny, it fits in the palm of my hand.  It’s hard to imagine that right now, you are only the size of the period at the end of this sentence.

I can’t wait until this time next week.  Please keep doing what you need to do.

Love you already,



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