Week 3 (Week 5)

Hi, Little Peppercorn(s)!

That’s right, you are now visible to the naked eye, though you are still so very, very tiny.  Right now, your little heart(s) are forming and beating.  No one can hear the heartbeats, yet, because your heart is so tiny.  But soon, we’ll be able to hear and see you on the monitor when they do our first ultrasound.  Daddy will be there with me when the doctor does the ultrasound, so we’ll be able to see you for the very first time since you were placed inside me.

I know it’s soon, and I know there’s a medium chance that something might still go wrong, but, I’ve already started building a list of things I want to get for you!  Only Daddy and I can see the list, but, once the scary part is over, and you have grown enough that I won’t fear of losing you, all of your family and our friends will be able to see the list.  People are so excited about you coming, that they can’t wait to buy you clothes, toys, books, and all kinds of other things!

Daddy and I even went to look at a stroller and carrier for you this past weekend.  I realized very quickly that I need to learn how to use those things, as neither one of us could figure it out!

Take care, Little One(s).  I’m doing my best to make sure you are safe.



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