Weeks 17 and 18

My Dear Little Ones,

I admit, I am a lazy letter writer.  I can’t believe I went 10 weeks without at least writing how much I love both of you.  I will say, though, because this pregnancy has been so easy, there hasn’t been too much to write about.  Well, until recently, that is!

Let’s see, at Week 12, we went to the doctor, and we got to hear one of your heartbeats.  So, the doctor did a quick ultrasound to make sure you were both okay, and we got to see your little arms and legs!  Before, at 8 weeks, you both were still so very tiny, that you looked like little peas.  But, just one short month later, you were moving and stretching, and one of you was dancing with your whole body!

At Week 15, you, Daddy and me took a trip to see my Daddy (your Grandpa Michael).  It was the longest trip we had taken since I started carrying you, but everything went fine.  While we were there, Angie, who has been my friend since I was in Junior High School, threw the cutest little party in your honor!  In attendance were people who have known me for so very long.  Peggy and Charlie Jezek, who were my Mama’s best friends when she was alive, Angie, her husband Walter, and her Mom, Mama Louise, and my Daddy.  It was so nice to be with people who have seen me grow up, and share with them the blessing of finally becoming a mommy.

Last week, we went to the doctor again.  This time, when we had our ultrasound, it was to see if we could find out whether you were boys or girls.  I can’t say what the results are just quite yet, because your Uncle Michael and Aunt Aubrey haven’t received the news, and neither has Angie or Trudy and Jon Eric, your Daddy’s best friends.  I will say this, though: I am over the moon happy to know what you are and to have names for you!  I can’t wait to tell the WHOLE WORLD about the two of you!

This past weekend, we went to the Babies R Us and took a look around.  We picked out your stroller after it took three grown men to teach us how to fold it.  We also took a look at swings.  One of the helpful guys told us that one had been returned and would be marked down by over $50 first thing Sunday morning.  So, your Daddy was there when they opened to grab it before anyone else could!  Now we just need to find room for all the stuff you already have!

Well, my dears, that brings us up to date.  You’ll be at 18 weeks tomorrow, which is almost halfway.  We’ve had a great time so far, so let’s hope the rest of this journey is just as nice.


I love you with my whole heart and my whole soul,



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