All Quiet on the Homefront

It’s been almost a month since I’ve posted anything on here, and, in all honesty, it’s because this last month has been pretty uneventful as far as the pregnancy is concerned.  No doctor’s visits, no new symptoms, just trucking along, I guess.

There’s been days that I’ve wondered if I am still really pregnant.  Then I get the reminder around 3 am when my bladder screams at me.  Sometimes, my bladder lets me sleep until 5, but not very often.  I haven’t “slept in” for about 2 months now.  On the weekends, I usually get up around 7 am, maybe eat some cereal, and by 9 am, I’m ready to go back to sleep.  Sleep is a wonderful thing.

I’m still not craving any weird combinations, though, once, I craved an egg roll.  So, I pulled into the local Chinese dive, and read on the door that there was a $5.00 minimum for credit card purchases.  I decided to order some veggie lo mein to go as a side with dinner.  When I got home, I decided to try the lo mein to see how it tasted, as it was the first time I had ordered from that particular place.  It was pretty good.  I put the rest in the fridge to wait out until dinner.  Not ten minutes later, I decided I wasn’t going to wait until dinner, and ate the rest of the lo mein.  I have to admit, I did feel better afterwards.  I also felt like a food monster.  But, a happy food monster, so I guess that’s okay.

Tomorrow is our next doctor’s appointment.  I have actually had a nightmare that they are going to do a scan and nothing will be there.  Oh yeah, the dreams are another reason I don’t get much sleep.  Between the scary ones that deal with not really being pregnant, and the out in left field ones that involve full color and sound, I don’t think my mind actually shuts down long enough to get the rest it needs.  All told, the dreams do make for some interesting morning conversation with the Hubster.

I’ll post an update tomorrow.  Once I’m convinced both critters are doing good.  Maybe they’ll let us hear the heartbeats tomorrow.  That’ll be music to my ears.



Reopening an Old Wound

Three years and another blog ago, before I was ready to write about our own journey, I shared this post.  The reason I ran across it today was that I realized I still had my old blog as a link on my Facebook profile.  Anyway, I decided to re-read this post that I felt compelled to share so long ago, and, wow.  The tears are still here.  The pain is still here.  It reminded me of how far down the road we had to go to find our miracles.  I haven’t gone forward on this person’s blog to find out if she was ever successful, but I truly, in the deepest part of my heart, hope that she was.  Please, if you have some time, and want to know the raw feelings that couples who are on this journey deal with everyday, take a moment to read this:!/2011/04/tears-niaw-bust-infertility-myth-blog.html


9 Weeks and Counting

So, we had our first appointment with a normal OB/GYN today, and they took a look at the munchkins to see what type of twins they are.  We were relieved to find out that they are definitely fraternal, and growing in separate sacs.  This means they are not sharing anything…except for me, of course.  They are kind of like roommates…same house, different rooms.  This is good, because fraternal twins are the least risky of twins to carry.

Anyway, they measured exactly where they were supposed to measure, and we are free to go about our lives for the next four weeks before we all get checked on again.

Here is their latest portrait…


Wow. Just Wow.

That’s the Facebook post that the Hubster posted shortly after we had the Ultrasound last Friday. A little cryptic, but it conveys both of our reactions when the doctor informed us that not only were we definitely pregnant (as if the three blood tests weren’t enough confirmation), but that we were going to have TWINS.

Sure, we knew it was a possibility. I mean, they put two healthy embryos in. But we never dreamed we would be doubly blessed! We have fought so hard for the chance to be parents that even one would have been the best thing to ever happen to us.

Now, we get to become comfortable with the fact that we are going to be parents to TWO children.

Baby A measured in at 0.49 cm with a heart rate of 108. Baby B took the lead measuring in at 0.52 cm with a heart rate of 111. Both measured perfect for their age, and they are in the right spot. This was the best news we could have received on the 2 year anniversary of our ectopic removal. What a way to replace bad memories with good ones! There was some trepidation the day of the appointment, knowing the significance of the day. All I could do when the doctor said “healthy” was breathe.

These babies will grow up together, and, hopefully, be each other’s sidekick. I pray they at least love each other enough to be each other’s friend. I pray they are just alike enough to have that “twin essence”, yet different enough so they are their own person, with their own dreams.

I pray I’m not the mother that forces them to dress alike (they’re fraternal), except maybe Halloween.

There are so many thoughts swirling through my head right now, which is why it has taken this long to even post about the U/S. And why this post may seem a bit rambling.

The shock is starting to be replaced with excitement. It’s starting to sink in that I am going to be a mother to twins. I really need to reconsider the whole breastfeeding thing.

Are any of my readers moms to twins?

Are the rest of you ready for this part of the journey? Stay onboard…I bet it’s going to be a wild ride!


The Numbers Are In!

So, I have already experienced the feeling of cheering my child on during a competition.  Over the last week and a half, our little peppercorn(s) have been tested on their ability to produce the pregnancy hormone, hCG.

Last Tuesday was the first test.  That one was easy, since I cheated and took a home test.  The result, as I’ve mentioned before, was 157.17 mIU/ml.  Not bad, seeing as pregnant is anything above 5 mIU/ml.  Then, last Thursday, we had the second test, which resulted in 333.53 mIU/ml.  Again, pretty awesome, since all the numbers had to do was double.  That also gave me the doubling rate, which was 1.8 days or 44.2 hours.  In other, less technical terms, the hormone level doubles a little less than every two days.

Today was the final test.  The number just had to be high enough to indicate a doubling rate of between 2-4 days.  The result: 6229 mIU/ml!!!!!  That means that my doubling rate went to 1.7 days or 39.78 hours!

Needless to say, our offspring is/are already showing the signs of overachievement.

There is still no clear indication of whether or not both little embryos are growing.

Next Friday, we are scheduled for our second set of baby pictures, aka, the ULTRASOUND!!!!

Until then,


Just How Much Does It Take?


24 Birthday Wishes (12 each)

10 Shooting Stars

4500 Daily Prayers and Talks with the Moon

576 Crossed Fingers (2 fingers each, every month, that it would finally happen)

That’s just an estimate of some of the things we did, hoping we would be heard.  Well, today, we were informed, by blood test that we are officially PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!

My Beta Count was 157.17, which, according to Michelle, the nurse, is a GREAT number.  I’ll go again on Thursday to have it checked again.  If it’s at least double, then we’re good.  We’ll have one more test a week after that.  If it’s a lot higher, then we have crossed a major milestone, the next being the ultrasound to catch the heartbeat.

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s been worth the ride!!  Now, this little baby (or babies) needs to stay put for the next 8-9 months!  No trying to run away before you’re ready!!!!


Follow Up To: WANTED: A Few Good Eggs

While cruising through my blog and doing a bit of housekeeping on it, this post from 3 months ago reminded me that I forgot to let the aforementioned egg-handler know we weren’t going to go through with a fresh donor cycle.  It also reminded me that, for the last 3 months, the egg-handler has not called, emailed or sent a messenger-pigeon to inquire about how we were doing and if we were still interested.

The last communication we had was an email I sent letting her know which two pre-donors we wanted to put on our consideration list.  I say pre-donors, because both of them were in the initial stages of going through the process of being accepted into the donor program.  I don’t have a clue as to whether or not they got accepted, or if they got matched with anyone.

Needless to say, it’s apparent the clinic here has washed their hands of us since we put a blemish on their statistics.  Nothing but crickets….

It just confirms the misgivings I had all along about that place.  I truly believe that sometimes, life gives you trials so you can truly appreciate the moments that make your life wonderful!

❤ ,