Wow. Just Wow.

That’s the Facebook post that the Hubster posted shortly after we had the Ultrasound last Friday. A little cryptic, but it conveys both of our reactions when the doctor informed us that not only were we definitely pregnant (as if the three blood tests weren’t enough confirmation), but that we were going to have TWINS.

Sure, we knew it was a possibility. I mean, they put two healthy embryos in. But we never dreamed we would be doubly blessed! We have fought so hard for the chance to be parents that even one would have been the best thing to ever happen to us.

Now, we get to become comfortable with the fact that we are going to be parents to TWO children.

Baby A measured in at 0.49 cm with a heart rate of 108. Baby B took the lead measuring in at 0.52 cm with a heart rate of 111. Both measured perfect for their age, and they are in the right spot. This was the best news we could have received on the 2 year anniversary of our ectopic removal. What a way to replace bad memories with good ones! There was some trepidation the day of the appointment, knowing the significance of the day. All I could do when the doctor said “healthy” was breathe.

These babies will grow up together, and, hopefully, be each other’s sidekick. I pray they at least love each other enough to be each other’s friend. I pray they are just alike enough to have that “twin essence”, yet different enough so they are their own person, with their own dreams.

I pray I’m not the mother that forces them to dress alike (they’re fraternal), except maybe Halloween.

There are so many thoughts swirling through my head right now, which is why it has taken this long to even post about the U/S. And why this post may seem a bit rambling.

The shock is starting to be replaced with excitement. It’s starting to sink in that I am going to be a mother to twins. I really need to reconsider the whole breastfeeding thing.

Are any of my readers moms to twins?

Are the rest of you ready for this part of the journey? Stay onboard…I bet it’s going to be a wild ride!