Week 23 Into 24

My Babes,

Week 23 ended with a huge scare. I thought both of you were coming early. Daddy and I went to the hospital, where they strapped monitors on my belly so they could check on you. The most wonderful sound in the world was the sound of both of your hearts beating so strong and sure!!! I honestly don’t know what I would have done if I had lost you. My heart was breaking until your hearts filled my ears. My tears are dropping even now, remembering the fear in the depths of my soul.

I have been told to take it easy, so, this week, I’m staying home from work and keeping myself from doing too much. You both need to stay in as long as possible, my precious little bundles. As much as we can’t wait to see you, we don’t want either of you to come too early.

Yesterday, we got another peek at both of you. It’s pretty obvious you are both little princesses. I’m so excited to teach you things that little girls need to know, like making cookies, and playing with dirt. Daddy can’t wait to teach you about superheroes and what to look for in a perfect soul mate. If you can find someone who loves you as much as he loves me, then you will be blessed.

We got a great glimpse of you, Skylar. Hopefully, we will get to see what you look like, Sophia. I know, though, that you are both absolutely the most beautiful miracles Daddy and I could ever have imagined.

We have picked out your cribs. Tonight, we are going to order your car seats. The time is starting to speed up. I can’t believe it’s already been almost six months since you were created.



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